getting from point a to point b

i hate greatly dislike our car.  it’s big.  too big for the neighborhood streets of chiang mai.  it guzzles gas.  it’s in poor condition – even after it’s had a new engine and a new radiator (although i question the use of the word new.)  and there are alot of places that it’s an absolute bear to park.  just the idea of having to use it raises my heart rate.  so we’ve decided to change our main mode of transportation.  we’re going motorcy.  (in america we’d call it a scooter.)  right now we’re renting a really cute motorcy – but really cute probably isn’t really practical for our family.  it works for me, but the menfolk aren’t so excited about it.  when you rent a motorcy here they aren’t so big on making sure you know how to ride one.  they showed me how to start it – that was very kind of them – and then they sent me out on my own.  and i’m loving it.

we’ve decided that we’re gonna let c16 get his license and have some usage of the bike.  and when we told him that, apparently he heard “we’re buying a bike for the family, but mostly for you!” because he has been negotiating the when and where he gets to use it since we mentioned it.  we’ve got a ways to go before we come to an agreement.  i figure by the time we come to an arrangement that makes us all happy a13 will be ready to drive it, too.


if my blog had a ticker that ran across the bottom of meaningless posts with the real news here is what it would say (you know, like the news.  the newscasters talk about all the not really news stuff and the important stuff you really need and want to know about is run across the bottom of the screen so you have to read it, while listening to the unimportant stuff) –

  • michael’s leg is doing better.  or at least not worse.  he has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow to check it out.
  • the kids are situated in school.  the first full week begins today.
  • i’ve actually been using the gym membership i committed to.  if you count 10 visits in 20 days as a commitment.

8 thoughts on “getting from point a to point b

  1. I thought you were a brave woman when I read you were driving in Thailand, let alone, scootering! Great to hear that Michaels leg is on the mend.

  2. Yeah… and you’re great at it… except for that time you ran into the truck… and the sidewalk… hmmm…

  3. Sounds like a good plan. But are you terrified at the thought of letting your son loose on the streets of CM on a scooter?? 🙂

  4. I do count 10 visits in 20 days as a commitment! oh, i do, i do!

    and the motorcy thing freaks me out but knowing how competitive you are I have no doubt you are zipping along as if you were born on the thing!

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