again with the no internet

we’ve got no internet, again.  which is even less fun than it sounds.  they’ve upgraded our neighborhood to a faster speed internet, but apparently that means something different for our house than our neighbors.  i’ve finally broken down and gone to an internet cafe.  the computer i’m using is speaking hebrew, except when i click on what i think might be instructions for possible ways to get it to quit speaking hebrew.  the instructions are in thai –  i can read just enough thai to get to my email and to write this post.  good enough.

the kids started school today.  i love the first day of school and i loved it when i was in school – except for the one year a mean girl made fun of me for wearing a sweater to school on the first day of school.  august plus texas don’t necessarily add up to sweater weather.  but it was a way cool sweater that had been purchased with the rest of my back to school clothes and i desperately needed to wear it immediately.  i hate mean girls.

michael’s leg might be doing better.  it still looks the same, but it doesn’t hurt as much and it’s not as hot to the touch.  i’m calling that improvement.

8 thoughts on “again with the no internet

  1. Sounds like improvement. Hope so.

    I used to love the first day of school, now I just really miss my kidlets. Really dreading it this year, it’s almost more than I can think of to send Rebekah off to college, at the same time, I’m excited for her. What can I say, I’m study in contrasts. 😉

    I hate mean girls too.

  2. Sounds like improvement to me!

    Lullibell is VERY excited for the first day of school this year…which is really not her norm…so I am concerned!

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