as in to cut it off?

this morning i had a very pressing engagement so michael had to go to the doctor on his own. we weren’t sure what to expect at the doctor – his leg doesn’t really look like it’s changed all that much since he got out of the hospital.  i was thinking it might look an eensy bit better, but that could also be wishful thinking.  michael was hoping my wishful thinking was correct, but he wasn’t convinced that there’d been any change.  so we figured the we’d let the doctor be the judge.

and his ruling?  a referral to the surgeon.  because he was thinking amputation might be the answer.  amputation. as in lets just cut off the entire leg.  we weren’t totally aware that the outcome of this situation might be leg removal.  that seems mighty serious.  i’m not saying we didn’t know this was mighty serious – even worse case scenario life terminating serious.  but to suddenly jump from oral antibiotics to amputation??  that seems drastic.  luckily the surgeon’s thoughts were more in line with ours than with the doctor’s.  because he said we weren’t there – yet.  so, michael was given more antibiotics and another appointment was scheduled.  he has a trip to the states in september.  i’m gonna go ahead and set him up an appointment to see a doctor while he’s there.  you know, for a second opinion.   it couldn’t hurt.

and just what was the very pressing engagement that kept me from going to the doctor with michael?  this morning was the new student orientation at the kids’ school.  my kids aren’t new students, but i’d said i’d help.  and it was also supposed to be when we could get a peek at the class lists.  we’ve got lots of wondering about what teachers we’re gonna have and who we’re gonna be in class with going on.  but today i got only 1/3 of that situation worked out.  i pretty much have s10’s teacher/class figured out.  and it’s good for him.  a13 really wants to know, but for her i got nothing.  c16 doesn’t seem to care and that makes it easy for me.  as long as he gets the biology, chemistry, algebra 2 situation sorted.  even more important than finding out school stuff was the opportunity to test drive my new ‘do.  i got it cut last week – no shorter than it’s been before.  but yesterday i had an impromptu d.i.y. coloring session.  because the hairdye was on clearance.  i’m not 100% sure that a good deal on hairdye is good enough reason to color.

17 thoughts on “as in to cut it off?

  1. Oh my gosh Monica!! I am so sorry your family is going through this tough time, we will be praying for you all. At least through the mess you look good 🙂 Love, Mikala

  2. Love the ‘do’…. now you just need really dark eye liner and some funky, wet looking lippie… 🙂 🙂

  3. It does seem to be a rather drastic (ridiculous) jump from antibiotics to amputation and I’m sure the drugs will start doing their job soon.

    Your hair looks great!

  4. Haircut is way cute! I envy people who can wear those pixie cuts.
    I’ll pray for your husband. Anyway you can get him to the States sooner?

    • thanks. if things changed and got really serious suddenly i think we could get him to the states. medical care is here, but even with doctors who speak english well, there is still a bit lost in translation.

  5. Awesome, refreshing look for a refreshing hopeful outlook.. Man, I have been out of the loop all last week. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to send reassuring thoughts and prayers and support for Michael’s return, as well. I was a bit under the weather, i went to work, busy, home, and bed… then, a quick trip to the sand dunes.. it was a whirlwind, but nothing like your life. All is well.

    i know Michael will make you feel better and you will find your peace. you are stronger than you want to believe. you are an inspiration, we ALL love you and your family!

    glad school is shaping up for the kids… we should be hearing from d7.5 teacher this week. i have been going to the board meetings and trying to see what is going on at our school more in depth… very interesting!

  6. btw… amputation is WAY down there on the list. i had a friend’s mom that had this on one leg, then another… hospital, meds, home and all well. crazy thai talk.

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