another day and doing better

michael hasn’t once mentioned breaking out of the hospital, but he does sometimes complain about not liking being stuck in bed –  i think that’s understandable.  i have been very picture snapping negligent.  at the very least i should have a daily leg picture so you can see the improvement.  but i don’t.  i also don’t have a picture of the hospital pjs he gets to wear.  the first day they were pink.  the past two days they’ve been green and i think i saw the ones for tomorrow will be blue.  and they’re interesting.  they’re sort of a cross between a baby outfit and an abba jumper.  i’m secretly wondering where i might be able to find a pair.

all the emails and facebook comments and tweets asking about the family have been fantastic.  i’m beginning to see that there is something to this social media thing!  the number one asked question is how am i doing.  and the answer to that could be i’m fine, but more likely it’s i don’t know.  because of the whole just doing what comes next thing.  but i’m sure once michael’s home – and things start to return to whatever normal will be – i’ll figure out how i’m doing and do something about it.  good thing is friends begin their return this week.  and there’s not much better than friends – and coffee – to help a girl process.

i have started the c25k running program.  9 weeks from now will i be 5k ready like they say?  i’ve made it through 3 days.  i guess that leaves me in the we shall see category.  (and yes, yes that does means i began the day michael went into the hospital.  and?)

8 thoughts on “another day and doing better

  1. I know how much you love anything pj like-I still have some handmedown pjs from your exodus from the springs…didn’t wear the big wooly ones in Florida very much so they are still in great shape!

    I think I will go have a cup of coffee in celebration of Michael’s leg being on the mend…or you running success…or both!

    • i miss warm pjs. but they would have been a total waste here. aly had her feety pjs shipped here with our stuff. she didn’t wear them once, but was so glad when they arrived!
      ‘i had a cup of coffee today – but it was more for escape than celebration. so that means i still have a celebration cup left! 🙂

    • thanks! i didn’t realize the c25k was only meant to be 3 days a week so i did 3 days back to back. then this morning, after i got all ready to go i clicked on the app and there was nothing for the 4th day. looks like i’m gonna have to change my excercise plan of attack. i’m not sure 3 days a week of excercise is really enough…

  2. I know what you mean. It actually crossed my mind that it would be nice to wear those pjs home. Then I would have my very own pair.

  3. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be “fine” until it is all over, then collapse in a big heap when you don’t need to be strong and hold everyone else together any more. (((hug)))

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