the third day of treatment has brought improvement. and we’re beginning to wonder if he hasn’t had cellulitis for a little while. because his legs have been swollen and discolored – lightly discolored – for quite a while now. but, we’ve put it off as sort of persistent edema – i’m sure i confered with wiki on that diagnoses (and we now have reason to believe that wiki is a reliable source, right?)  but now that the swelling is going down, it’s really going down.  like all the previous swelling is gone, too.

these pictures are from today.  and his leg looks better than it did yesterday and the day before.  i think dr. wiki just told us two more days and he should be good.

9 thoughts on “improvement

  1. Can’t even imagine how it looked when this started out. Glad it is better. Also, I had been wondering why he didn’t get his hospital visit chronicled with with some photos of the injured body part.

    • i knew this would come back to bite me… i certainly photo journaled your hospitalization and dad’s foray into the emergency room. but for this i’ve yet to bring my camera to the hospital. the photos in the post are from michael’s phone. it’s the stress that’s interfered i think. i’m just not thinking straight!

  2. WOW!!! I wonder what the before pictures look like….glad he is feeling better. I can’t help but wonder what Crayola would name this coloring his legs have….Hope the full recovery is speedy. Love ya.

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