paging dr. wiki

we made it through the night. for the most part. michael’s supposed to be keeping his leg elevated and we worked really hard at that. or at least i did. he fell asleep and kept letting his leg fall off the tower of pillows. i figured it was my job to make sure he lived – and if keeping his leg up is required for his survival – then i was so gonna make that happen. so several times through the night i woke up and carefully repositioned his leg (saving his life- i am certain of it.) his version of the night goes something like “and then she ripped my leg out of it’s socket!!”. (pansy). so this morning he was super excited to hear that a doctor that my mom knows says it is very important that he be observed in the hospital.

we got to the hospital about 9. and as soon as we informed the nurse that we would like him to stay she whipped out a wheelchair and told him to sit. she then rolled him about 4 feet away – to the smack dab center of the room – and began taking his vitals. then we saw the doctor. and i can’t think of a greater missed photo op. because sitting on that doctor’s desk – right out in the open for anyone to see – was his computer monitor. and you will never guess what was on it. he was searching wikipedia. for medical information. hasn’t anyone told him – this man with a medical degree – that you should never trust wiki. i was sitting too far back to see the details of his search, but really, really thought i should know. so, i feigned a sudden interest in michael’s uninffected leg so i could lean in and get a gander at what was on that screen. all i could make out – while being convincingly caring – were the words “transient aschemic…”. that is not michael’s problem (thankfully). but i do hope wiki has it’s facts straight cuz someone’s depending on it.

after the doctor we were set in the big lobby waiting room so we could be assigned to a room. that was 5 hours ago. but we’ve had a nice tour while we’ve waited. we’ve spent some time in the emergency room getting his second dose of antibiotic. and now we’ve been shifted to the icu. where michael made a grave mistake. he laid down without changing into the provided hospital attire. obviously to them this was a sign that he was incapable of doing it himself, because in no time three teeny tiny thai nurses had undressed him and redressed him – completely without his assistance.

soon eventually who knows when? we’ll be moved to a private room. then i’ll bring the kids up to visit.

right now we’re going with a diagnosis of cellulitis. there’s been a mention of an occluded femeral artery, but i don’t think they’re really thinking that.

*i’ve managed this entire post on my itouch. so any and all spelling, grammar, and/or coherence issues are totally steve jobs fault.*

7 thoughts on “paging dr. wiki

  1. man… keep us posted.. will say prayers for him tonight and the doctor wikipedia gives back the right diagnosis… they say, that isn’t reliable and consistent… does he use WedMD or something proprietary? that would make me and everyone feel more secure with a diagnosis!

  2. monica, we (the communication staff), were praying for you guys this morning. hope mike gets better soon. this could be a good thing, y’know. perhaps some trips could get postponed and he could stay home longer. 😉

    • he’s better today. swelling is noticeably down. still an awful color of purple-y red, but he says it feels better, too! thanks for praying. he has postponed one trip already. that’s a blessing!

  3. If this wasn’t so serious, it would be (is) really funny. You’re right…it is a little disconcerting that the doctor is consulting Wiki, something I thought just us laypeople do.

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