avoiding confrontation

he hadn’t read my blog or seen a facebook status update so he had no idea he was coming home to a woman on the verge.  no idea.  and to be honest with every passing moment that brought his plane closer and closer i moved further and further away from the verge.  funny how that works.  however, it turns out that can quickly be reversed.  like when he gets off the plane grumpy and sick.  that’s one massive shove back towards the edge.  and then when we get in the car and he tells me his leg feels funny.  and that it looks funny, too.  and he shows me – but i can’t show you because i can’t get my hard drive to read my sd card,  maybe later.

our first stop was the hospital.  then home for a few hours.  now back to the hospital for a sonogram.  hopefully, we’ll know soon.

4 thoughts on “avoiding confrontation

  1. pray God’s strength and peace over you, monica. sometimes it’s hard…but…go grab a good friend and head to Wawee or Starbucks….or better yet, get mike to go. 🙂 hope you feel better and there’s nothing serious w/ mike’s legs.

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