and it’s almost a wrap

vacation is over.  now i am counting down the days until michael and c16 get back from the states.  i’m thankful that it is now days and can no longer be numbered in weeks.  but it feels like these last four days might just drag on forever – or longer.

looking back on this summer i’ve discovered an amazing thing.  i can be a fun mom.  that might never change the fact that i’ll probably always be the strict parent, but it does broaden the parenting role i fill.  i’ve managed to do plenty of fun things with the kids this summer.  take them places, play games with them, participate.  for too long i’ve felt a bit like a referee.  i’ve been there for all the fun, but i’ve been on the sidelines.  only getting into the action to call “foul” or “offsides”.  now i feel like i’m really in the game.  and that’s made this a very good summer.

looking ahead school starts in less than three weeks.  and we’re all looking forward to it.  it means friends will be returning from abroad.  we’ll get back into a routine.  it means normalcy – with a touch of unavoidable craziness.  i’ve stepped into a few responsibilities lately.  i’ll be the secretary for the ptg – i’m looking forward to that.  to being a bit more involved at the school.  but even bigger than that responsibility is the role i’ve taken at a local ministry.  i’ll be taking over some of the admin responsibilities.  communication and such – and i can choose to get more involved in the other programs they have if i want.  i’ve been searching for something to get involved with here.  i’ve put out feelers and taken it slowly.  when this opportunity came along it felt right.  it felt like God said “this is what i have for you”.  and i’ll get to use my thai!  michael has a bit of a crazy travel schedule immediately after he returns from the states.  he’ll be in the philippines, indonesia, korea,  and then back to the states, but hopefully after that he’ll settle down to do a bit of work in thailand.

and… i am hoping it’s safe to say that the rainy season has made it chiang mai.  the temps are cooler 89 for a high and a very chilly – i even broke out a blanket – 77 for a low yesterday.  i’m praying that continues.

4 thoughts on “and it’s almost a wrap

  1. Sounds like a lovely summer. Things seem to be really coming together for you. I am so glad – and proud of you. However, I have always thought you were “fun”. Love, Mom

  2. I’m glad you have a bit of a break in the heat. It sounds like you’re really finding your place, and I’m very happy for you. You’ve all worked hard to get to the point your at. I hope you can enjoy it very much.

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