lessons learned

a holiday with your children isn’t the same as a girls only holiday to pai.

  • which means that packing 10+ books and a handful of puzzle magazines is overkill.  turns out 1 and 1/2 books and 1/2 a sudoku puzzle is enough.

the chiang mai international airport security might be a little slack – at least it isn’t quite up to the same standards as suvarnabhumi.

  • the kids packed their own carry on bags.  s10 just unloaded his school backpack (finally) and reloaded it with holiday necessities.  he didn’t check all the pockets.  on our return, coming through security in bangkok, they asked him to open his bag.  and they removed a pair of scissors from the front pocket.  and these weren’t dull tip school scissors.  these were full fledged adult scissors.

i’m totally done with sunscreen.

  • well, not totally.  but i’m done relying on it alone.  i’m switching swimsuits – to one with upf protection.  i’m talking long sleeves and a skirt or pants of some kind.  turns out when you’re almost 40 (but not quite) you don’t really care about looking hawt – unless you’re helen mirren or maybe unless you’re just not me.  the one i’m getting is somewhere between helen mirren’s bikini and the burqini.  and hopefully it will help me keep from getting a blistering sunburn ever again in my life.

holidaying with kids is exhausting.

  • i don’t mean to imply that it wasn’t plenty fun.  i’m just suggesting that i might never recover.

One thought on “lessons learned

  1. Exhausting seems like a huge understatement to me. You rock for doing it. I’m sure it would have been much easier just to stay home. Not as much fun, certainly not for the kids, but easier.

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