dolphin bay – the end

we headed home today.  and my one and only complaint is that we didn’t book longer.  5 days just wasn’t enough.  i’ve been asked just where dolphin bay is and have done my very best to point it out on a map.  i had to draw it in myself since these particular map makers didn’t see fit to include it.

it is a fairly secluded beach.  there are a few small resorts along the way, but we never saw more than 10 or so people along the beach when we were out.  we stayed at the juniper tree dolphin bay.  i was somewhat intimidated heading out on this trip.  creating the kind of trip that could make a13 & s10 forget – at least for a week – that they didn’t get to go to america was a hefty responsibility.  but i’m pretty sure i succeeded.  i don’t think we could have fit one more thing into our schedule – or maybe i mean i couldn’t have survived one more thing.

billy, rachel and libby – the folks who keep juniper tree running – were amazing hosts.  attentive, but unobtrusive.  willing to help with whatever they could.  i think for our first beach experience in thailand we couldn’t have asked for more.

here are a few shots at the juniper tree and a few of our last night on the beach.

and this very last picture here… this is monkey island.  and a13 and i are having a debate about it.  when you look at this island, what do you see?

i’m not telling you what we see, because i don’t want to put any ideas in your head.

18 thoughts on “dolphin bay – the end

  1. Looks like you had a lovely time – and what a nice place! Glad you could provide something special for those “left behind”. 🙂

  2. I see the sleeping head of the loch ness monster. I am extremely impressed that you pulled that trip off on your own. I’m sorry that you couldn’t all come to America, but you did a great job compensating.

  3. Thanks for the location and I think that island is looking a little on the feminine side? I hope no one is analysing our answers 😉

  4. I am seeing a woman reclining on her side. Glad you all had a wonderful time. You could have a future as a vacation planner. (if you were inclined to work). Love, Mom

  5. now you really inspired me to go to the beach! 🙂 i haven’t been to one for a very long long time. ahhhh. anyway, i see a pregnant woman lying on her back.

    • it was our first trip to the beach in thailand. and really the first the kids have been to that they did more than get their feet wet. well worth it! next time we’re gonna go by bus or train… flying is way too expensive!

  6. To be diplomatic, in two of the photos I can definitely see a woman…and in two others, I can see a head of something half out of the water.

  7. I’m with Minkster – I see a pregnant woman lying on her back. (And I thought that before I read her answer too)

  8. Hi, I am Chairman of the Juniper Tree Trust – in England at the moment. My wife and I found JTDB and were involved in getting the place built.
    Your photos are so great, and your skills on computer. I wonder if you could kindly sent me a short video (or some easy way of producing it), bringing together aspects of JT and your ‘adventures’ at the Islands etc etc. Together with your informal responses and reactions while being there – we would use this for our church. Testimonies like yours may help in our lauching the final phase at JTDB for two cottages and two double storey buildings are the back.
    We are planning to visit both Jt’s in October.
    Blessings and thanks in anticipation.

  9. Oh, looking at it this morning, I can see a crocodile or alligator head poking up out of the water.

    Why am I looking at it again? Because I’m stalking this post waiting for the big reveal of who saw what and who won the bet. C’mon already!!

  10. hey there, i think you did a great job of coming up with a trip of a lifetime… i know they will treasure the memories!! what an opportunity!?

    i was in texas during the hurricane weather in June/July… actually nice time with the weather. we have pictures of all texas stuff, but your pictures and experiences are one of a kind! we miss you here in america, but we will see you in 11ish months (optimistic)…

    today in colorado… beautiful 80 degrees, we have had a warm summer, but it cooled to 75 degrees this weekend. we are planning on heading to salida this week or next to the hot springs, renaissance festival last saturday and zoo… a day in the life… maybe i should blog again!

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