dolphin bay – the fifth

today we fished.  we headed out just off the point of monkey island.  and then we sat and waited.  and nothing happened.  unless you count the fish eating our bait off our hooks as something.  which i guess it was, because it meant we had to re-bait our hooks – ourselves.  they fish with squid here.  squid has ink in it.  squid ink is sticky, sticky, sticky.

ay – our fishing guide – cutting up some squid for our bait.

in the first 1/2 hour ay caught 5 sea creatures.  2 fish that were keepers.  2 fish that were not keepers.  and this.

he – she? – was thrown back to the sea.

about an hour in the kids started getting restless.  and then a spark of hope.  i caught 3 fish.  boom boom boom.  my technique might be questionable, but it was effective.

and, in no time, a13 and s10 were in on the action.  a13 caught 4 fish and s10 caught 3 fish.

when we got back to the shore ay sent us on our way with our catch.

that’s ay and his boat headed back out.  he contributed 2 extra fish to bring our total to 12.  we turned them in to the kitchen at the juniper tree and for dinner we were served a plate of fried fish.  no picture of that – i blame it on exhaustion.

6 thoughts on “dolphin bay – the fifth

  1. My kids would have loved that! Congrats. The octopus is very cool. I’m always the first in our family to catch a fish too. I think it’s funny, the others? Not so much.

  2. Dolphin Bay is still looking beautiful and entertaining for you all…now if I could only figure out where it is…have you ever searched Google maps for Dolphin Bay Thailand? Monkey Island, just as confusing.

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