dolphin bay – the third

a new day and – because i felt i’d pushed my luck yesterday taking the camera on the kayak – a (mostly) pictureless post.  we started a little slower today.  still breakfast at 8, but then nothing.  just a bit of reading, some computer time and getting one step closer to mastering the current ds game until after lunch – you know when the sun is at it’s hottest.

(the picture of the kids in the underbed drawers isn’t really where they slept, but they thought they were cool.  those are really just the extra beds in case you need one for an extra person in your room.  but we’re in two rooms.  with gigantic beds.  so if you are considering booking at juniper tree, don’t be worried that you’ll have to sleep under another bed.)

today’s goal – kayaking to monkey island.  and not in a kayak built for three, this time we were each in our own kayak.  meaning we each had to paddle the entire time.  s10 got off to an amazing start.  no worries.  paddle paddle paddle.  i was very impressed.  a13 – she was a bit more hesitant.  a bit more worried about the waves that rocked the boat.  she did, however, get it all together.  eventually.  and about that time s10 hit a wall.  he was exhausted.  and he was leaning towards being certain that he was not going to make it.  but he never completely gave up.  and with a little encouragement he pulled himself back together and we landed at monkey island.  where a family of monkeys was waiting to greet us.

we pulled our kayaks up onto the beach and so we could get a better look at the monkeys.  they were very brave monkeys.  one explored our boats jumping up and down on the oars and rocking them a bit.  he kindly left a rock – thankfully, it was really just a rock – in aly’s kayak.  others cooly checked us out.  and then there were the two whom i pointed out to the kids because the bigger one was obviously grooming the smaller one.  except suddenly it became obvious that i had drawn the wrong conclusion and it wasn’t grooming that was going on. i quickly encouraged the kids to look elsewhere, because i hadn’t signed us up for the wild kingdom kayaking trip.  as the monkeys got braver and the clouds got darker i figured it was time to head back in.  and we all made it in.  the round trip was 2.8 k.  but, for me it was more like 4 k.  because i got to do alot of circling around and encouraging.  but i’m not complaining.  just really, really sore.

this picture is from the night we arrived.  if it were going to be accurate – for today – the water wouldn’t be quite a bit choppier and the winds would be much higher.  (not that you can see the winds in a picture.)  not monkey island is where we visited yesterday.  maybe it should be called fewer monkey island.  or monkey and bra island.

3 thoughts on “dolphin bay – the third

  1. Two rooms? That sounds heavenly! We always squeeze into one, and it truly doesn’t work so well for anything but the budget.

    I’m glad you explained about the drawers, I was thinking they looked a little *different*.

    I’m truly impressed your kids could kayak that. I’m pretty sure mine would not have been able to do that.

    • the kayaking took tons of encouragement for one of mine. but we all did it and everyone was quite proud!

      we usually try to squeeze into one – and for the three of us – one would have been just fine, but here this is just how they set us up. where we’re staying is a retreat for christian workers, so it’s very reasonable. it’s made it where we can afford to do the kayaking and the scuba diving!

      • Holy Moly! What an incredible rate. You definitely should have stayed longer. We paid more to camp at a state park last weekend in Ohio for goodness sake!

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