dolphin bay – the second

we started today bright and early – well, bright and early for a vacation.  breakfast was at 8.  then we quickly sorted ourselves out and stopped next door to rent a three person kayak – with the goal of making it to monkey island.  and we did make it to an island.  and the island did have a few monkeys on it.  but, seeing as how there were several islands nearby and this island seemed to only have a few monkeys (but most likely not enough to warrant the moniker monkey island) and we didn’t ask which of the islands was monkey island it’s possible that monkey island is not where we landed.

we took a little time on the island and to look around and see what we could see.  which was rocks.  and sand.  and other islands.  and ocean. and ocean-y stuff.

and then there was this.  which i think must be one of the best kept secrets in all of thailand, because it is a pretty awesome find.

i know, you’re thinking what’s so special about a buddhist temple type thing?  they are all over thailand.  but this one is special.

it has a mannequin.  but, that’s not the best, the best is what i believe to be are some of the offerings.

what are those you ask?  bras – for real.  with the tags still on.

after discovering mysteries and wonders we headed back to the resort.  and the entire way in the kids kept reminding me that sharks can smell blood from impossibly far away.

that’s sam’s toe.  or rather shark bate.

we spent a few more hours at the beach and a little bit of time in the pool.

for dinner we wandered down the beach to a different resort.  while wandering back  home we discovered several jellies.  one was maybe 2 feet in diameter, but most were 6 inches or so.  and we discovered a horseshoe crab.

day 2 is coming to an end and we’re a bit sunburned and a lot tired, but it’s beginning to look like the beach was a very good idea.

3 thoughts on “dolphin bay – the second

  1. Sounds like an enchanting, exciting trip. Poor Sam. Glad he was not shark bait. Have fun, Love, Mom

  2. Guess I don’t blame him. Maybe he will wade if he doesn’t see any. Are there any sea shlls on the beach?

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