dophin bay – the first

turns out there are things i forget.  like arranging for a ride to the airport.  so we improvised.

don’t worry, i didn’t make them walk all the way to the airport.  just around the corner to catch a songthaew.

uneventful flight followed by uneventful ride.  made all the more uneventful because i took 50 mg of diphenhydramine – which totally knocked me out.  we arrived at dolphin bay just in time to catch the very, very tail end of a big rain.  so no swimming at the shore today, but there’s still time.

we did manage to discover something totally unheard of at the beach this evening.  a watermelon tree.

true story.  a13 s10 one of my kids saw that little bitty watermelon sitting on that table and as we were walking by he she they said, “some watermelon trees”  like she he they see them all the time.  and it wasn’t until we were well past the “watermelon” trees that he she realized that that watermelon and those trees were most likely unrelated.

i did manage a few pictures this evening while s10 played ping pong table tennis with a new friend and a13 watched a movie with some other kids.

tomorrow morning we’re planning to head out in these kayaks (not all of them).  our goal is to make it to one of these islands.

monkeys live there. and we want to see them.

if kayaking proves too difficult we can hire a boat like this one to take us to monkey island and some caves and fishing.

i was hoping to avoid the fishing thing, but both kids are keen on going.  maybe i’ll manage to catch some good pictures.

9 thoughts on “dophin bay – the first

  1. PS. Do you mind if I put some links to places you have been to on my blog? Our friends are asking about places to visit in Thailand.


  2. very jealous… my summer vacation was in ‘boring’ texas… sea world, schitterbahn (fun!), and ranch… normal fun, not exotic islands, fishing boats, kayaks!!!!

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