midsummer potluck

it’s monday and that means it’s time for another potluck.  and while a potluck might not provide that much entertainment, it certainly does clear out the junk that’s rattling around in my head.


this past friday a13, a friend of hers, s10 and i went to horizon.  we’d originally planned to go on a saturday, but i thought a weekday might be less crowded.  and normally that would be true, but it just happened that this week there was an entire thai school there.  the watget school – which is just down the street from us.  and that meant that there were 200 thai kids there that wanted to try out all the english they know for greeting people.  and if i were gonna guess i said, “hello”, “nice to meet you”, “nice day” or some variety of the three at least 500 times while riding a bike.  and smiling.


the worst of the hot season is behind us.  we haven’t hit 40 in a while, but we have been resting uncomfortably around 37 (or 98).  and the 70% humidity isn’t helping.  i know it’s hotter elsewhere in the world, like texas.  but that’s doesn’t make me feel any better.

it has to end sometime, right?



this weeks word is เริ่ยบร้อย.

it’s a thai word.

pronounced rip-roy – but not exactly, because with out the right tones you aren’t saying the right word…  anyway, it means orderly or proper.

so, if you say it correctly you’re saying it rip-roy.


lately i just can’t seem to get the bananaramas out of my head.  maybe it’s the fact that the new karate kid is out making the music from the old karate kid fresh again.  or maybe it’s the whole being left behind thing.  whatever it is it definitely seems to be a cruel summer at times.

“it’s a cruel, (cruel), cruel summer
(leaving me) leaving me here on my own
it’s a cruel, (it’s a cruel,) cruel summer”


this week foe.  but it’s probably more my fault than the scales’.


6 thoughts on “midsummer potluck

  1. Hide the scale? A friend of mine once made me throw it in the river by my house. I felt a little guilty for the littering aspect but it was liberating.

    • i can’t really hide it, because it’s the wii fit and that would be very upsetting to many members of the house. we don’t own a proper scale. and i’m not brave enough to pay my 1baht to use the scales located in very public places!

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