shoot me now

i give up.  i will never attempt to speak thai again.  it just gets me in one mess after another.

maybe you remember a while ago, when our mâe bâan and her husband took it upon themselves to get us a dog.  cuz they just knew we needed three.  well, i haven’t told you the ending to that story.  according to them, that dog was bad.  she had a bad heart.  and they meant the kind of bad that may or may not be repairable with an exorcism so they took her away.  we didn’t put up much of an argument.  because she truly was trouble.  and he assured me she would be okay, he was taking her back to where he got her and she wouldn’t be killed.  p’khao and p’jim felt so bad about this dog that they really, really wanted to get us another dog.  but i nipped that talk in the bud.  i told them that two dogs was enough for us.  no need to worry about .  that we were happy, happy, happy with two.

harry & ginny*

it appears that the only part of the conversation that was understood was the part about the 2 dogs.

*ginny’s on the left and harry’s on the right.

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