naked no more

saturday morning i got my braces off. and my mouth felt weird. odd. naked. good.

i left the orthodontist office with freshly clean teeth and set out in search of sticky candy, popcorn and peanuts. the things i wasn’t supposed to eat, but now could. (okay, so i totally ate popcorn and peanuts with the braces on, but always felt a little naughty doing it. now i could do it with a clear conscience.)

sunday i had a lovely anniversary dinner with the man. made all the more romantic because i wasn’t having to dig food out of my braces and make sucking sounds and all that stuff that’s really attractive. and then we saw a movie. killers – i enjoyed it, the man didn’t so much. but i had more popcorn. cuz i could.

monday i had a great lunch with some great girlfriends (see, i am making progress) and headed home to pick up #2 so i could get to my follow up appointment and #2 could get her braces adjusted. my follow up appointment included getting my retainers. and being the thorough person that i am, i had no idea of what instructions might come with my retainers. like the one that goes wear them 24/7 for 6 months. and after 6 months wear them every night and every other day. and after that. wear them every night for the rest of my life. and i’m fairly certain that the ones made for me are made out of like 7 guage wire. because they are big. i remember making retainers out of paper clips when i was in elementary school – because i thought they were so cool and i had to have me some. turns out, i was wrong.

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