potluck making up for lost time

i know, i’d just gotten on board the potluck bandwagon when i got derailed. (do bandwagon’s get derailed?) but i’m back. bigger and better and more (or less) random than ever. and with fewer buttons. because i’m just that lazy.

so, what’s in my fruit bowl? nothing. but it is a brand new fruit bowl that michael brought back from the philippines. i’m still trying to decide just how i feel about it.

michael and i just celebrated our 18th anniversary. and look what he got me. it’s sort of awesome. and i am hanging it outside our bathroom.

this was given to michael. it was a thank you gift for the time he spent teaching in the philippines. i haven’t yet figured out where we’re gonna build michael’s shrine. so this hasn’t found its permanent home.

does she feel as bad as she looks? probably worse. in the past week she’s been diagnosed with a displaced patella. she’s been spayed. she’s been groomed. she’s been run over by a motorcy. both wheels. whomp. whomp. right over her torso. we’re still not 100% sure of how she’s doin’. we think okay. but we’re observing her at home for a few more days. and if things don’t turn around they’ll be observing her at the animal hospital.

since i live in a cross cultural setting i’ve determined that the word i choose each week (or each week that i choose a word) will be a word not normal to the american venacular. this week it will be….


adjective: upset, disappointed. British slang.

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