school’s out for summer… wait, no it’s not

there are three and one-half days of school left. but, as we all know, they are fake days. days that have to happen because the school year has to end, but grades have already been turned in so any work that’s done isn’t gonna be graded. which drives me bonkers. i hate busy work. hate it. with a passion.

it is actually all over for c16. he had his last final today and only needs to return to school to retrieve his final report card. a13 is left with only field trips. 3 days of field trips and one half day of p.a.r.t.y. and it’s nice to see that their teachers are not propagating the the-last-week-of-school-is-a-real-week-of-school lie. but for s10, the lie lives. he’s got a regular ol’ week coming up. with “maybe a few quizzes” (so he says). but, i’m starting to think that maybe s10 has it all figured out.

seems they were only looking for some kindlin’ to start a good marshmallow roasting fire.
good cover story, don’t ya think?

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