like a two year old

so, i’m thinking that yesterday the red shirts were throwing a temper tantrum. because today has been quiet. we’re still under curfew, but no bam-bam-bangs to be heard. i can smell something burning nearby and traffic is being diverted through our neighborhood from the main road closest to us. thai schools are closed tomorrow, but our kids’ school will be open. i think it’s easier to make decisions to close campus when it’s the first week of school – which is what it is for the thai kids. finals week is next week for our kids and it’s difficult to miss days. #3’s class has a field trip tomorrow. i’m not sure how i feel about that. it’s probably perfectly safe, but i’m still a little nervous about it.

i’m trying not to be all worst case scenario and alarmist, but it’s hard to not play what if. i’m praying that the worst is over, but i’ve read reports and heard people say that it’s only really just begun.

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