the happiness project #5

the rules:

  • simply post a photo of something that makes you wildly happy.


true story #1 – 15 year old boy asks c13 to prom. (when your graduating class includes only 25 or so folks, the entire high school gets to go to prom) c13 says no. 15 year old boy is in the play godspell. after watching the play, michael walks up on the stage to shake the hand of 15 year old boy and to tell him, “job well done.” he then pulls 15 year old boy into the manly handshake-hug (you’ve seen it done) and whispers in his ear, “stay away from my daughter.”

true story #2 – c16 has a presentation to give in his model united nations class – his topic is the fifth united nation millennium development goal – maternal health. he asks michael to be a “guest speaker”. michael breaks the ice with this gem, “hi, i’m c16’s dad. obviously i’m where he gets his good looks from. and girls, if you’re interested in him, 25 years from now, it’s possible he’ll look a lot like this.” and gestures to himself.

i think he might be losing his cool dad rep.


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