potluck the second helping

it’s monday again and that means i’ve got plenty to say, but not a lot of content. so, once again, it’s a potluck.

today, i’m not so hot. just very, very warm. right now it’s 36 celsius. which is the same as almost 97 degrees. so much cooler than last week. but in bangkok, things are hot hot hot. and i’m talking politics. i have no idea when it will settle down or how. and since this is all new to everyone in the entire country, no one else knows, either. but there’s more and more talk of it coming our way. two bombs at atms last night and rumor of a bus caught on fire – both here in town.

this week dr. google has diagnosed me with acanthocheilonemiasis. i bet that changes when the mosquito bites go away and my skin no longer itches.

one sad little mangosteen, one gecko (well, he’s not there anymore, but he was there just now, when i peeked), red apples and a light box thing.

this week i didn’t burn moroccan carrots, tangy-sweet plum chicken or take out.

and that’s the way to get in a big post of nothingness. well, except the bangkok thing. that one’s not nothing.

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