media kid

these are instructions for an assignment from c16’s health class. i’m guessing that they’re talking about the all encompasing influence of media. (i’m pretty good at the whole deduction game).

all the tv we see is pre-recorded and no commercials. other media influences my son has are movies, internet, and music. i would think this would allow for a sufficient amount of media influence, but after seeing his “media kid” i’m thinking we might need to get ourselves some tv. because his “kid” is more weird than cool. and probably not cool at all.

here are some interpretations of his labels. and my best guesses at the what influenced them.

a) legit monocle – didn’t someone in harry potter have a monocle?
b) gangster beanie – he’s recently seen all the godfather movies. so, i guess he’d know about beanies.
c) ghetto earrings – the blind side. sandra bullock goes to big mike’s old neighborhood. it’s in the ghetto. i think some of the guys had earrings.
d) fancy tie – probably another thing learned from the godfather movies. they wore ties, right?
e) bling bling – i would guess the wire, but the use of “bling bling” has me thrown off. it seems a bit sissy.
f) coke – it’s everywhere
g) low riding boxers – i don’t even know what they are. i thought the pants were the low rider and the boxers were to stay up so they could be seen.
h) levi’s baggy jeans – maybe friends. he’s seen a few episodes and i’m thinking they were still doing baggies in the ’90s.
i) orange converse – chuck. except chuck’s are black. this is about the only cool his “media kid” has got going for him – if the opinion of an approaching 40 year old mom counts.
j) sexy toupee -possibly from a cohen brothers movie. but i think sexy toupee is an oxymoron.
k) grillz – i’m stumped.
l) fake moustache – maybe inspector gadget. it seems a silly spy gag kinda thing to me.
m) rainbow suspenders – i don’t think he’s seen mork and mindy, but mork’s the only rainbow suspender wearing person i can remember.
n)the straight man’s sweater – mr. rogers. his influence is eternal.
o) cuban cigars – once again, the godfather
p) chains – i’m certain this is from a christmas carol. he played jacob marley and had to wear chains very similar to these. just much heavier. and more noticeable.

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