at the grocery

i have not had a real american hot dog in two years. what i wouldn’t give for an honest to goodness chili cheese dog with onions. yum. i feel faint just thinking about it. now, what i have eaten – once – are thai hot dogs. each individually shrink wrapped (shrunk wrapped?) and it’s near impossible to get that wrapping off. and once you do, you discover what your eating is probably more closely related to the vienna sausage (you know, the ones in the can) than a true blue hot dog. not yummy. and guess what i found at the grocery the other day??

yep, oscar mayer hot dogs (okay, turkey dogs, whatever.) imported from the good ol’ u s of a. i found it difficult to contain myself. then i started scanning the labels for the price. and found it. 320 baht!! that’s like 9 dollars and 95 cents in american money. which is why i didn’t get them, because that would have been fiscally crazy. i just couldn’t bring myself to pay 10 dollars for hot dogs. especially when i’d had a bad food experience while we were in the states last summer. i’d made a list of all the foods i wanted. had to have. could not survive without if i didn’t eat them at least once before returning to thailand. and in every single case, they just weren’t as good as i’d remembered.

but a13, who happened to be shopping with me, did come across something she just had to have. she said they’d had them on the mission trip and they were yuh-uh-uh-uh-meee. they were reasonable (so reasonable i had her get two different flavors) and i was curious. (curiousity killed the cat, remember?)

yep, those are potato chips. the kind that should be salty, not sweet. and they are not at all yuh-uh-uh-uh-meee. they aren’t even yuh. they’re gross. so gross that we each had one, put the lid on and put them on top of the pantry. where they will sit for a mighty long time. i couldn’t even get our house help to take them home. maybe they have these in america now, i don’t know. if they do, and you haven’t tried them consider this your warning. and don’t.

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