april break

april break is coming to an end. and we did a bunch of nothing. or at least i did. the oldest two, c16 and c13 went on a mission trip. they spent a week in two villages in northern thailand. they played with kids, assisted with vbs and returned with packs full of stinky clothes. c16 also got sick. he spent a day and a half puking his guts out. probably better he was there than here. because a) i’m not one for the puking. and b) there he had aircon and tv, neither of which he would have had access to here.

april break is 2 weeks here. two very hot weeks. for the first week and a half, michael was home. that meant for the first full week it was the five of us home. it’s been a while since we’ve all been here, together, with not much scheduled. we played games. helped michael with some projects. finished getting a music room together for s10 and slept in. the second week started with the c16 and a13 headed out for their trip. leaving 3 of us here to play songkran. what could be better than the biggest water fight in the whole wide world? especially when they are very fond of using ice water. and throwing it on you by the bucket full. wednesday michael left. that left s10 and me. alone. s10 was certain that the few days between michael leaving and the return of his siblings would be the most boring time in his entire life. i proved him wrong. we made a day trip to the flight of the gibbons – where we had our fill of ziplining and waterfall hiking. and we were not bored at all.

c16 and a13 have returned. monday it’s back to school. and then the countdown to the end of the school year begins.

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