17 thoughts on “calling it quits

  1. lol .. well put. Just change the name. Or are you gonna stop blogging? I keep mine on the web but have totally lost my ‘writing mojo”.

  2. Really? But I need you. You’re not transplanted, because you’re not staying there forever! You’re just visiting. Is it April Fool’s Day there?

  3. Your blog is so enjoyable. I hope this statement is just because you’re in a bad mood or somethin’… 🙂

  4. i figured if i waited a few days, you’d come back and ‘splain. But yo ain’t done come back 😦
    Come back!

  5. i love reading (share with so many people your adventures) and keeping up with you and your life, seems like the only connection in between your u.s. visits and few emails. i respect whatever you are wanting to do… its a lot of work!!! love you and miss you all, as always.

  6. I’ve sure enjoyed your blog and getting to know you better (even though it’s so one-sided!) You have an amazing sense of place and sense of humor!! You are so lucky to have a great family and I hope the smog and heat aren’t as bad this year. Keep in touch! Love, Sheri

  7. I was broken-hearted when you posted this. After months of mourning the death of Transplanting Me, I returned today expecting no posts and continued disappointment. Low and behold, you’ve been a busy blogging bee! With my semi-frequent trips to Thailand, I’ve found your blog to be the most useful in understanding some of the cultural differences. Plus, who else can give me photos of Wei trapped in the window bars?

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