i heart tiger balm

since moving to thailand and discovering tiger balm i just can’t get enough of it.  it’s great for mosquito bites, muscle aches and pains, congestion, headaches, etc., etc.  it’s basically a wonder cure!

i usually keep at least one jar in my purse, you just never know when it might be useful.

my go to formulas are the red or the white.  but at the store the other day i discovered soft.  and on the packaging for soft i saw a use for tiger balm i didn’t know about.

it says it’s effective against flatulance.  and that you just have to apply it gently on the affected areas.  the only thing to figure out is just what the affected area is when it comes to flatulance.  the best i can come up with is that maybe you should rub it under the nose of everyone else in the vacinity when you are suffereing from flatulance.  or maybe the noses wouldn’t be affected – instead they would be effected.

and i’m still in a quandry over where to put it.

and just to be clear – i didn’t buy it for me. but i think you know that.

3 thoughts on “i heart tiger balm

  1. Check out “White Monkey Holding Peach” brand. Smells better! Maybe good for flatulence too! hehe

  2. Oohh! I heart Tiger Balm aswell. Have never heard of the new soft formula either…..but then of course I wouldnt have! Flatulence – not me!

  3. ah yes, gotta love tiger balm. but hmm, quite the conundrum you have there on the flatulence front. Err, not you, i mean, yknow…

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