back to life, back to reality

for a while we were 6.  then we were 7.  then we were 6.  then we were 7.  then we were 8.  now we are 6.  and, late this evening, we will be 5.  the kids and michael and i.  and we’ll be 5 for the next week and a half.

but it won’t be completely back to business as usual, because today is the last day of school before april break.  which is two weeks long.  and michael will be here for a good deal of the break.   for the second week of the break our oldest two will be headed out for our church’s youth mission trip to help out in some villages in northern thailand.  that will leave us as 3.  it’s been a long time since we’ve just been 3.  and after a few days michael will be headed to bangladesh, vietnam and indonesia.  leaving just 2 of us – this combination of 2 has not happened before.  (and i can’t wait, because if i’m gonna have only one of my children with my over songkran, s10 is the one to have!)  until the older two return, the break will end and the 4 of us will get busy getting back to reality.

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