a tale of two boys

this past monday both boys had to dress up for school.  for different reasons.

for s10 it was fairy tale day. dress as your favorite fairy tale character.  i never would have guessed who his favorite fairy tale character is.

but, i am beginning to wonder if he is acclimating a bit too much to thailand.  a skirt and a hello kitty pose?!?

for c15 it was a much classier affair.

monday was the model united nations conference.  he was the delegate from vietnam.  he totally looks it, doesn’t he?

5 thoughts on “a tale of two boys

  1. Those are great pictures. I love how they so fit where they are in their lives–one young enough to be silly, one much more grown up and serious. Cuties either way.

  2. I almost laughed when I read “acclimating to Thailand” b/c he would have blended quite well with the anti-gov’t protestors here in BKK this week!

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