waiting for the mango rains

it’s hot here.  the pollution is horrid.  today’s air quality index count is 170.  you can see the air – it burns your eyes and almost all of my family are suffering headaches.  the kids’ school has canceled all outdoor activities – this includes physical education and recess.  and when the kids come home it is recommended that they not be outdoors.  we’re supposed to keep them inside and have the aircon going.  we don’t have aircon.  and the kids are restless.  there’s nothing for us to do but wait for the mango rains and hope that people stop burning.  and even more specifically i’m gonna hope that our house-help will stop burning in our front yard!!

being non-confrontational and all, i pretended this wasn’t happening.  and for a moment was glad for the pollution, because it camouflaged the smoke that was coming from our front yard!  so far this has been a one time thing.  if it happens again i can only hope that michael is home.  not that he’ll do anything about it, but at least we can both pretend it isn’t happening together.

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