random stuff and a mom updated

i’ll start with the update.

this picture was taken this morning.  that makes that bruise 8 days old and pretty – but not as pretty as she is.  look how optimistic she looks.   we went back to the hospital yesterday.  all is good and she’s to follow up with her doctor in the states.  they are pretty sure the bruising is so bad because of the baby aspirin my mom takes took daily.  she’s temporarily given up the baby aspirin.  cold turkey – cuz she’s like that.

have you been wondering what the accommodations are like at โรงแรม (hotel) kientz?  well, nothing says we love company more than putting out the best.  and in this case best means you have to clean out your own room (and clean out your own room might involve getting down on your hands and knees and scrubbing – a lot), buy your own bed and sleep lucy and desi style.  and if you need to go potty during the night?  it’s squatty potty or a path that’s not so easy when you’re bleary eyed.


i don’t have a before picture, but it was bad. really, really bad.

path to the bathroom

when you’re sleepy that wall isn’t so easy to clear.

but other than that it’s all 5 star here.

and then there’s this.  this morning, i caught a glimpse of this and it took me a while to figure out just what it was.  can you see it?

right here…

it’s a teeny tiny ape.  not a real one, of course.  but i someone might have thought it was one for just a brief moment and been a just a tad scared.  for just a second.  a nano-second, really.  surely you have heard of the pygmy apes of thailand?  they’re real and they’re dangerous.  google it.

4 thoughts on “random stuff and a mom updated

  1. Glad she’s doing better, although it still looks painful! Do you really have to go outside to use the bathroom??? That might be a deal-breaker for me, especially with pygmy apes lurking. 😉

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