so, i was gonna tell you all about my parents second day here.  and the getting up way too early to go do the run for relief for burma.  there’s this flip flop division that i thought might interest you – it’s so you can get an idea of what it’s like to run in flip flops – since that’s what many of the burmese do when they are fleeing for their lives.  we didn’t participate in the flip flop division.  but my dad got the picture of one girl who did.

or at least he got a picture of her feet.  after running a 5k.  on a pretty even surface.  but that’s not what this post is gonna end up being about.

it’s been pre-empted.

pre-empted by the tale of my mom’s black eye and her hospital visit…

i think i should start this story out by saying she’s just fine now.

it begins on monday.  my mom and i head out with the sole goal of making travel arrangements for my parents to go to cambodia and vietnam.  we get to the travel agency about 10:30 in the morning, but the travel agent we need won’t be in until sometime after lunch.  so we decide to do a little window shopping and to grab a bite of lunch and to then head back to the travel agent.  and we did just that.  of course, lunch might have included a wee little pitcher of margaritas.  and then we head back to the meet the travel agent.  we successfully booked my parents trip.  and headed to the market to look for some fabric.  up until now we’ve walked, but we decided we’ve done enough walking and perhaps a tuk tuk is deserved.  while shopping for fabric my mom says she’s not feeling so good.  luckily, we’ve already gotten the fabric we needed – so we head back to the house.  once at the house, my mom gets out of the tuk tuk and heads inside.  i pay the driver and turn around just in time to see my mom stumble into the glass windows on the front porch.  she doesn’t hit them hard and sort of just slides right down them.  face first.  i get her up and we head inside.  she’s alert, but feeling not so great.  she needs to go to the bathroom.  so i help her get there and let go of her arm for just one little second.  and that’s all it takes for her to do a head plant.  right onto the tile floor.  with nothing to break her fall – except for the sink and the toilet.  she was out for maybe 30 seconds.

we get her up and into bed with a fan and a cold, wet rag.  we – my dad and i – diagnose her as having had a heat related episode.  and since i had a heat stroke 20+ years ago, i feel like i’m qualified to make this diagnosis.  a few hours later she develops some other symptoms.  i’m not gonna tell what they were, but suffice it to say that i’ve never heard of anyone hitting their head hard enough for them to happen.  these symptoms are still around the next day and in the spirit of better safe than sorry, we head to the hospital.

this is what she looked like when we walked into the hospital

where within a few hours she ends up having a colonoscopy.  (that’s sort of a hint to the unnamed symptoms).  the gastro dr. decides that perhaps a heart doctor should be seen and a neurologist.  and that she should be kept in the hospital at least 2 nights…

and that’s where she is now.  she’s seen the cardiologist – he did an ecg last night and it was fine.  the neurologist was supposed to come by this evening, but i haven’t heard anything, yet.  however, i don’t think they’re gonna find anything different.

a hospital room in thailand.  pretty spiffy, eh?  and check out that 3 day old shiner!

we’re hoping she’s gonna be released tomorrow.  i think she’s working on an escape route, just in case the dr. doesn’t go along with the get out tomorrow thing.

oh, and as a public service announcement to any and all who might find themselves in a thai hospital.  when the 25 year old male nurse comes around and asks you if you would like your body clean – you should know he means to do it himself.  and he means to be very thorough!

12 thoughts on “pre-empted

    • Just take out traveler’s insurance with the health portion. That should cover it. I’ll let you know.

  1. I hope everything’s all right. How scary! For all of you.

    I don’t want battered mom pictures, I want mom napping cozily pictures. 🙂

    Take care.

  2. oh my… how is your mom now?! i love the smile with the shiner. it seems that your parents always have to visit the hospital when they visit you!? Get well soon!

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