international day

this friday is international day at our school.  it’s also the day my parents arrive.  i’m heading up the international day plans this year and that means i won’t be at the airport to greet my parents.  they have to make their own way to my house.  and then get themselves to the school.  i think that my thai tutor and my househelp think this is unforgivable inexcusable flat our horrific behavior from a daughter.  i’m just gonna have to accept that label and move on…

it’s also where i’ve been lately.  international day planning that is.  i’ll be back after friday.  maybe.

4 thoughts on “international day

  1. Never fear, we will be there. Be sure to email me your home address so I can give it to the taxi driver. Will Jim and Khao be at the house when we get there? I know we can find the school from your house. See you soon, Love, Mom

  2. Well my goodness, are you supposed to do it all somehow? Besides, it sounds like Mom is OK with it. Mom’s OK with it, right?

    Anyway, the goat pic you sent me little while ago from NatGeo is up for Goat Thing ofo the Day today.

    Enjoy your parents’ visit! Tell them I said hello and that they don’t look any different from the last time I saw them!

    – Margaret

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