it’s the thought that counts?

but i’m not so sure about the thought.

michael received a gift today –  from our mâe bâan and her husband.  p’khao and p’jim were very proud to present this gift.

p’khao explained to me that this puppy is luk kreung (1/2 thai and 1/2 farang (western)).  i’m not sure how he knows this, but he thinks it’s a perfect mix for us.  since we already have one thai dog and one farang dog.  i think that’s just nuts.  that one thai dog and one farang dog is all the dog we need.

and someone else in our family isn’t too big of a fan.

"get out of my house"

"and stay out!"

"do not sit down! i said move it!!"

"listen to me!"

"waan, tell her. tell her who is boss!"

"don't try to ignore me."

and this conversation went on and on in a very high pitched, very loud bark.  with the occasional nip to the leg thrown in for good measure.

of course, the reception when the kids got home was totally different.  they already “love, love, love” her.  she is so amazing.  p’khao and p’jim are so amazing.  it’s all just amazing.

however, housebreaking is not amazing…

16 thoughts on “it’s the thought that counts?

  1. What a cutie however if anyone brings us a gift like this I won’t hesitate to give it back. Three dogs makes this your home for sure.

  2. Ugh. I hope you enjoy that kind of “surprise” much more than I would have. Cute, but most of what I see is work.

  3. I also seem to remember reading the words “no dogs”. Hmmm how did you end up with three!! Good luck!

  4. Hya Mon! We have a Highlander Breed cat. There can be only One animal! (grin)
    Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately. Another round at the hospitals, but we’re back home now and catching up. Also stopped the blog as I’m in way over my head on FaceBook with the family. Kinda scary. These people actually know me in RL! Some of em grew up with me and have absolutely no respect for mah internets skills! (grin)

    • i believe s’mores thinks there should be only one animal. she has very reluctantly given up the constant yapping, but we still get the occasional i’m gonna bite your head off!

      sorry to hear about the hospital time, glad your back. hope it’s for a good long while!

      blogging’s been slow for me, too. RL is taken up lots of time right now. in a good way… 😉

  5. OMG! I’ve been debating on whether or not to get Max a little sister I think I’ve made up my mind….what if I get him a sister and then someone “gifts” me a dog? OIY!

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