curlz no more

he’s been talking about it for weeks.  but i was certain he didn’t mean it. when he left the house with his dad he looked like this…

and he said he was cutting it off.  i thought he was bluffing.  he returned looking like this…

i’m just glad he didn’t stop here

15 thoughts on “curlz no more

  1. Monica, Mike Trudell passed on this and I am so excited to see Chandler’s hair cut. He looks great. I am also glad that he came to camp with us last year. He is such a great kid and he blessed my heart.

    Hope you are all doing great. God bless you, Jan

    • thanks jan! the pictures on the post aren’t the best, but they were what we had. now that i’ve gotten used to it, i like it alot! he really enjoyed camp and is hoping to make it back this summer.

  2. Well, there was a very handsome young man under there! C, you have become quite the young man. I am glad I got to spend a week with you last summer at camp and you and Jacob became friends. You should FB if you do that where you guys are.

    Love Melody Baker (Mr Bobby’s wife)

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