rabies are always better when you can get them with a friend

or daughter…

so the dog – yes, the very same dog that bit me – took a bite out of a13’s leg.  and, it’s a pretty nasty bite.  has her on crutches…

what to do about the dog has been the talk of the neighborhood.  the restaurant owner a few doors down has filed a report with the tessabaan – which is the local government.  the guy from across the street has said that he filed one a while ago – back when one of the tenants in his townhomes got bit – and nothing came of it.  the husband of our mâe bâan has offered to take her – the dog that is – out.  in a permanent way.  another neighbor down the street is busy feeding the dog – she believes she’s making merit – and isn’t too keen for anything bad to happen to the dog.

that leaves us waiting, and getting shots.  we haven’t seen the dog for a few days, but it also went into hiding for several days after it took a nip of my toe.  maybe the dog is gone for good.  maybe it will reappear.  maybe the city will step in and do something. but for now when we leave the house we’ll just have to walk softly and carry a big stick.

12 thoughts on “rabies are always better when you can get them with a friend

  1. OMG I couldnt believe my eyes. I love animals but you cant have some (possibly)deranged rabies infected animal randomly biting people in the neighbourhood. Although a dog owner and general animal lover I think drastic action is called for! Hire a hitman! Good luck with the recovery girls. It would take me a while to work up the courage to walk the streets in that neighbourhood again! X

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the continued snacking on your family. I hope that the dog just decides to go live elsewhere, unlikely as it is.

  3. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! I always feel bad for those stray dogs until I hear stories like this. Hope you are both doing ok.

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