circle, circle, dot, dot, gotta get a rabies shot

we have 2 soi dogs on our soi.  (a soi is a street)  they’re both a bit skittish so we tend to give them a wide berth.  one has been no problem at all.  he avoids us as much as we avoid him.  but the other.  she’s followed the kids, tried to nip at c15 while he was riding a bike, and has generally been a tad menacing.  but not overly threatening.  so last night, when i had to walk past miss not-as-nice, i did so carefully.  but once i was passed her i sort of zoned.  and while i was zoning she snuck out from her hiding place and took a bite of my toe.  what kind of dog bites someone on the toe?  and draws blood?

i cleaned the bite.  put some antibiotic cream on it.  and figured that was enough.  a few hours later i posted that i’d been bit on facebook.  a friend immediately responded that i should get a rabies shot.  i’d thought i wouldn’t because i’ve seen this dog everyday for over a month and figured it’s probably not got rabies.  but another friend had a valid argument for at least going to the hospital to get some oral antibiotics.  while at the hospital, the doctor was able to convince me that it might be for the best if i were to go ahead and start the series of 5 rabies shots.  he suggested that i might not want to take such a risk when i was only sure the dog was probably okay.  you know the whole better safe than sorry thing.  especially when sorry in this case could equal dead.   so i got the first shot last night.  i get another on monday and the third on friday.  the next one is meant to be february 5.  and the final shot is scheduled for february 21. but if the dog is alive and well on february 5 i won’t have to have #4 or #5.  and i don’t have to spend the next little while worrying that every little symptom might be rabies.  it will be a better world for all of us.

last night i went to mckormick hospital.  normally we use ram 1.  it’s a fancier hospital.  but mckormick is just around the corner from our house – it took me 2 minutes to get there.  mckormick seems to be under construction, but that could just be the way they’ve decorated – or rather not decorated.  i went in, registered and realized i’d forgotten my passport, but they were willing to overlook that, then i sat and waited for the doctor.  he was very efficient and very convincing.  from his office i headed up to the pharmacy and to check out – this is conveniently located at the same desk – but it’s entirely possible that that could just be their after hours set up.  they gave me some super duper large and effective antibiotics and a bag.  in the bag was my rabies injection that i was to cart to the emergency room.  maybe not having someone who has the job of making sure injections make it from point a to point b is a good money saver.  because my total bill was 1100฿  ($33.35).  and 880฿ ($26.68) of that was medication – including the rabies shot.  the kids were very disappointed to hear that the rabies injection wasn’t some mondo needle inserted into my belly.  i was not disappointed by this.  i was back home within 20 minutes of leaving the house.  i’m a fan of hospitals in thailand.

of course, i returned home to discover we had no internet.  or phone.  maybe that dog cut our line…

7 thoughts on “circle, circle, dot, dot, gotta get a rabies shot

  1. Living in Thailand is certainly a mixed bag isn’t it?

    Hope the dog is alive and well for a long, long time. I also hope after Feb. 5 it moves far, far away.

  2. I was reading the post with great concern until I got to the last line. Then I starting giggling picturing the dog turned rogue and is now stalking you….tried to get you with the rabies but since you’ve nixed that with the needles is now cutting off your contact with the outside world.

    • turns out the internet/phone problem was our fault. one of my kids unplugged the phone and it just didn’t want to reset. however, i don’t see how that made the internet go down. but it’s fixed now!

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  4. Southeast Asia has the largest rabies problem. Due to some risky behavior (carting around monkeys) the international travel clinic I go to made me sit down and watch “The Girl Who Survived Rabies”. It’s 50 minutes of horror and is the most compelling documentary. I’m pretty sure that the legend of zombies arose out of rabies infections.

    Find it, watch it, and never take a rabies risk again! I’m so glad that you are getting the shots.

    • i have recently been reading about rabies infections and that alone has made me certain it’s not a risk worth taking… of course, i have also discovered (a tad too late) that we weren’t given an immunoglobulin shot – which seems to be pretty important in the post exposure protocol thing.

      but i think having previous preventative shots helps us. so far all is good. we both have one shot left.

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