gone fishin’

yesterday was teacher appreciation day in thailand.  which means a 1/2 day of school.  which for us meant three extra teenage boys and rock band.  loud rock band.  very loud rock band.  and added together that meant i was looking for a way out.  out of my house.  michael’s better equipped to handle this kind of thing.  he tunes out the extraneous noises quite well.  and seeing as how he’s home for a few more days…

about the time i was becoming desperate a friend calls.  wants to know if i’d like to go to the fish spa.  i’ve never been to the fish spa and the idea of it was mighty appealing at that moment.

what do you do at a fish spa?  you stick your feet in a tank of fish and let them nibble at your dead skin and other nasty bits that might be on your toes and between your toes and anywhere else you happened to stick in the water.

pre feasting.

the camera and water add like 20 lbs.

seems sort of cruel.

it's a spectator event.

how do i rate this experience?  i’d do it again.  it falls in between a foot massage and a full body thai massage.  (foot massage being the best.)

10 thoughts on “gone fishin’

  1. Let’s be sure to add that to our list of things to do. Can’t wait to get there. Love, Mom

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