a night at the fair

as told to me by michael, a13 and s10.  in an abreviated fashion.

there were techno colored lights.  and, just in case you weren’t armed when you arrived, you could purchase a gun.  (i’m certain it’s just a bb gun, but still, you could shoot your eye out.)


they went on the ferris wheel.  they went around until they couldn’t take it anymore.  they say they went around about 17 more times than they really wanted to.


they got to go hunting.  sort of.  they didn’t shoot their eye out.  or their sibling’s.  but they also didn’t shoot any stuffed doraemon.


and, i would guess that this may be the main attraction…  win what you can toss a ring around.  i’m also guessing it must be harder than it looks.


2 thoughts on “a night at the fair

  1. A fair’s always fun, isn’t it? Why is it the games are always impossible for us to win, yet I see all kinds of people carrying things around?

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