chiang dao nest

michael’s getting ready to start traveling again and – at the end of this month – my good friend, shelly, is headed back to the states for 6 months.  either of those are excuse enough for a girls’ getaway, but put them together and a girls’ getaway becomes a necessity. 

our first thought was we’d go to nepal.  but the $700 dollar round trip tickets were a bit of a deterrence.  so we looked for something a bit cheaper closer.  and hit pay dirt with chiang dao.  it’s a 40฿ ($1.20), 1 1/2 hour bus ride and then another 60฿ ($1.80) 8 minute motorcy taxi ride up to the chiang dao nest.  

and it’s worth every single baht and more.  the food was excellent.  the western food might just be the best western food i’ve had in thailand and the thai food was fantastic.  

once we arrived we had nothing to do.  at least nothing to do that we didn’t want to do. the chiang dao caves were near by.  but we didn’t make it to the caves.  we were sidelined by this… 

reading cabana @ chiang dao nest 2


there was also a beautiful pool 

pool @ chiang dao nest 1


and if it hadn’t been too cold for swimming we still might not have dipped our toes in, because near by there was this… 

reading cabana @ chiang dao nest 1


there was a wat within walking distance to explore.  but we didn’t.  cuz we didn’t want to.  we spent 2 days eating good food and reading good books and watching a good movie.  we also talked some alot.

4 thoughts on “chiang dao nest

  1. Mmm, jealous much? That sounds like a lot of fun. Sorry your friend with be gone and I hope the time that Michael’s away passes quickly.

  2. Oh my – reading cabanas? What a heavenly idea and one day I will have to stay at a place that has them! Also, $700 for tix to Nepal? Darn. That might be the end of our fantasy holiday at Songkran.

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