sorry to leave you hanging…

a few weeks ago – dec. 16 to be exact –  back when i posted last, i said we’d be getting internet in a few days.  boy was i wrong mistaken.  but we’ve got it now and i’ve got tales to tell.  no promises as to the quality or relevance – guess somethings just stay the same.

a few days before i said we’d be getting internet in a few days i promised to reveal the moving smack down winner truck or motorcy.  only one could win.  and i’m prepared to reveal the winner.  but first i must apologize for my complete failure as a camera owner.  i took very, very few pictures.  and here’s why

  1. the stuff was coming so fast and furious and i had no time to take pictures
  2. i couldn’t locate the camera part of the time
  3. i’m a very shy photographer.  it just felt so rude to be staring down the lens of a camera – so voyeuristic.

and all three of those excuses are true.  just one might be truer than the others.  and michael has threatened to take my camera away from me. he says i’m not worthy and that i’m a sorry excuse for a camera owner being all photo taking shy like that.  he said it’s shameful.  that seems harsh to me.

i only have pictures of the winner. and only a few.  and they don’t do justice to the whole situation.  but you’re gonna get what you get and not throw a fit.  (we say that to our kids when they didn’t like dinner…  they love it.)

so, with out further adieu – i give you the winner. 


the first trip.  i’m thinking the truck’s gonna whup up on him.

and then p’khao arrived with this.  (notice the discretion i used in getting this picture.  he had no idea)  you can’t see the washing machine and the two big living room chairs.

among the things that he moved – which i didn’t get a picture of – was all our bedroom furniture.  including the can’t be taken apart twin beds and the king size bed and mattress.  the ping pong table, the basketball goal.  the kitchen table and chairs.  the oven…  you get the idea.  the truck tried.  it moved a few couches and some boxes.   but apparently nothing beats a motorcy!

*all credit for coining the nickname THAIMENDOUS goes to michael.  i’m sure no one has ever ever thought of it before.  and if they have it’s because they traveled to the future and heard michael say it.  it’s original to him.  he likes to yell it.  he’s also thinking of trying to get p’khao to wear his underwear over his pants.

7 thoughts on “sorry to leave you hanging…

  1. Hi Monica, I must introduce myself as I have just discovered your wonderful blog and read right through it like devouring a good book! You have such a wonderful way with words (and photos)! I have wanted to comment all the way through about this and that.I have to say Im shocked at what that fellow managed to fit on his little motor bike….beds, ping pong table! Yikes! I am from Australia – north of Sydney. Are your family planning a trip down under at any stage? Thanks for the smiles! Sandie

    • sandie – thanks!! it’s nice to have a record of all that has happened since our move. how quickly i’ve forgotten some of it!
      p’khao (our mâe bâan’s husband) is quite amazing! i was in completely surprised by all he did that day!

      we’d love to make it to australia. we hope to while we’re living on this side of the world – it would be such a shame not to. my daughter is insistant we go – she even talks of going to college there. but that’s all the research she’s done, so far! 🙂

  2. Wow! Thanks for the pictures, you definitely have to see it to believe it. Wow again!

    Hope you had a good Christmas and that 2010 holds lots of good things for all of you.

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