unpacked – almost

i could say completely unpacked, but the kids still have boxes in their rooms.  still, we’re pretty close.  

we did manage to find the costume.  an hour and 15 minutes before it was needed.  it was discovered on a shelf.  not in a box.  after we’d tossed the contents of all the boxes onto the floor.  not a recommended unpacking technique.

internet is coming to our house in the next few days.  

c15 finishes finals today and that means he’s done until jan 4.  a12 & s10 both finish friday.  

the stockings are hung by the chimney with care by the front window.  and this weekend we will be in search of something local to use for our christmas tree.

3 thoughts on “unpacked – almost

  1. I can’t even imagine how much you guys must have been freaking out up until you found the costume. I mean, the anxiety leading up to a performance WITH your costume can be crazy enough.

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