mostly moved

we have a smackdown winner, but i think i won’t announce it until i can get my pictures loaded.  

we don’t have internet at our house, yet.  it’s coming.  for now – i’ll suffer through the wawee thing again.  

we have no christmas decorations up and we want them up so we must unpack.  which means i should be home and not here.  but i really, really like it here.

oh, and a12’s in a play tomorrow.  we packed her costume.  and have no idea in which box we packed it…  oops.

5 thoughts on “mostly moved

  1. there is always excitement at your house! cam had 25 kids over tonite mixing church and school for a white elephant christmas party! wow that is a bunch of teenagers but they were pretty good

  2. Sounds like you’re going to be busily (crazily?) unpacking! I’m so glad you’re moved, can’t wait to see who won the smackdown. Enjoy your new home.

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