ultimate smackdown

we just found out we will be getting the keys to our house on thursday so we can start our move two days earlier than planned.  hopefully, we will finish on saturday.  i don’t think the new house has internet – but wawee is still close by and i’ve located another coffee shop with free wifi, so i’ll be around.  just not as around.

thursday morning also conveniently happens to be a holiday  – kids home from school.  they’re gonna be so excited.  but, i’m afraid i’ve inadvertently offended our mâe bâan’s husband.  he’s been fairly insistant that he can move us.  that we don’t need to get any other help.  he has a vehicle and he can do it.  but we’re doubtful.  because here’s the vehicle.

so, i’ve managed to wrangle another family into helping.  they have a truck – and, as is well known, owning a truck means helping out those in need of a truck.  i’m thinking owning a truck might be a bit of a pain, but very glad they’ve got one. 

so, i think we’re gonna have a bit of a smackdown.  the truck  bed vs. motorcy cart.  which can move the most. 

maybe we’ll be done on thursday.

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