classifiers make all the difference

there are an unknown number of 80 gajillion million classifiers in the thai language.  (you can google to verify that if you like, but google doesn’t really know, because more classifiers are added every day.)  and all these classifiers make things difficult – since if you want to be understood you have to be specific.  take today for example, i was ordering some pad thai for a12 and i for lunch.  and i was taking it home, since she’s sick – again.  so i ordered pad thai, two plates, for home.  i ordered in thai, but in that order.  (you specify what you want then the number of what you want and then you need a classifier.  unless you only want one, then you say the classifier before the  number.)  and what i meant when i ordered pad thai, two plates, for home was that i wanted it to go.   which involves a to go container.  which is not the same as a plate.  it has it’s very own classifier.  and because i didn’t use the classifier for a to go container (since i couldn’t remember it) i was served two orders of pad thai on ceramic plates.  for dining in.  and by dining in i mean eating on a stool on the sidewalk.  but ceramic plates? that adds a touch of class.

it took 5 minutes to clear up the confusion.  i said several times that i wanted it to go.  and then i said i didn’t know how to say the right classifier, but i wanted it in a bag.  but it took me explaining that i couldn’t eat two plates of pad thai all by myself and that my daughter was at home and she was going to eat a plate of it to make myself understood.  and once the pad thai was transferred into take away containers i returned home to my sick child.

and the whole sick child thing is starting to worry me.  part of me isn’t too worried because it is fairly mild, but part of me is running through any scenario where mild symptoms over long periods of time can be bad – i refuse to google that.   she hasn’t been 100% since her first bout with this whatever it is.  i was chalking that up to 2 weeks of sick takes a bit to bounce back from. but now i’m leaning towards maybe it wasn’t 2 weeks of sick, maybe we’re actually going into our 5th week of sick.  it came back yesterday full force.  fever and all.  not a crazy high fever, but not low enough to classify as low grade.  and it hasn’t gone away.  even with medication.  a doctor has been recommended to me and i’ve been told that if i go in and say i want something tested that they will actually run a test.  you know like on her throat, or maybe do some blood work.  right now i’m hoping to have her back at 100% for her birthday.  it’s december 19, you’d think that would be plenty of time, right?

4 thoughts on “classifiers make all the difference

  1. Classifiers=too complicated for me.

    So sorry about your daughter, that would start to get worrisome. I hope she’s better soon. Maybe her resistance is down and she’s really just caught one thing after another. We had a year like that with Jacob, it seemed like he never really got well, but they think he just kept getting new things. Either way, it’s definitely time for her to get better. Hope she’s 100% by the 19th.

  2. I was going to ask how she was doing too because I didn’t see an update in your more recent posts. I’m glad to hear she’s better, since it IS almost her birthday!


    p.s. Finally got your goat pic up today, yay!!!

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