things i’m learning

1)  this might contradict what i thought 20 or more years ago, but it is far more difficult to raise a teen than to be one.*

2) when my youngest tells me, “wow, you’ve cooked almost every night lately, good going!”  and i’ve really only cooked two nights in a row – that’s probably not something to be proud of.  or to blog about.

3) i should never, ever, ever, never even look at a shirt that i might be interested in purchasing unless i am 100% (or more) certain that it will fit.  or be too big.  because vendors here have no problem with smiling, shaking their head and patting my belly while saying, “oh, too fat.” 

*clarification – my teen and tween are both great kids. wonderful. lovely.  amazing.  but the minefield that seems to be teenage-dom?  it’s treacherous.

12 thoughts on “things i’m learning

  1. …their friends were old too and we didn’t really CARE what they were doing.. actually I couldn’t have cared less.. hmmmm

  2. When my oldest (now 18) was a mere 10, I took him swimsuit shopping with me. Because I’m an idiot I asked him if I looked “wicked” in the swimsuit I was trying on. He looked at me totally deadpan and said “not even close”. That should have been my clue to how the teen years were going to play out.

  3. yeah… i have the sweet ones right now. want to hang out with me, like me mostly, cuddly, cute, will listen to me mostly…. i am seeing tides will be changing sooner than prepared.

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