so close

again, i failed.  the day before the last day and i miss posting.  oh well.  1 out of 3 years isn’t too bad, right?

this morning i was reminded that the sidewalks in chiang mai are all wonky.  no more walking around with my head in the clouds – that only makes for swollen and scraped knees and a bruised ego.  but a british fellow came to my rescue – helped me up, saw that all my limbs still functioned and no blood was dripping anywhere and then he asked if i’d do it again – so he could get a picture for his blog.  ha!

i’d post pictures of the disasters that are my knees, but michael has my – and our family’s only – camera in pakistan.  he gets back saturday.  hopefully there will be nothing left of the bruising that’s picture worthy by then.

2 thoughts on “so close

  1. So sorry. Hope you’re feeling all better soon. I enjoyed the posts you did make in Nov. It’s amazing how long 30 days is, isn’t it?

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