thanksgiving – year 2

today, we celebrated our second thanksgiving in thailand.  and i had a thanksgiving crisis. i’ve totally lost my family cook book. can’t find it anywhere. i’m sure it will turn up in the house shift. but it meant that i couldn’t make the banana pudding i was supposed to be making – the one that i always make.  the same one that has been part of special meals since before i was born.  i still took banana pudding, i found a recipe online.  it was substandard.  so very disappointing.  i was also put in charge of sweet potatoes and broccoli salad.  and for both i tried brand new recipes.  the broccoli salad was okay – which is saying alot, because i don’t much care for broccoli salad.  and the sweet potatoes.  well, they’re now my new favorite sweet potatoes

but even with out the banana pudding we still managed to share a lovely meal with friends. 

due to space contraints there was no kids’ table.  they were kicked out of the house.  and yes, there was a kid shortage.  one of ours went to the mall with friends.  very unthanksgivingly like.  two other kids were running around somewhere.  hunting for swimsuits i believe, because they preferred the idea of a thanksgiving swim over thanksgiving dinner. 

and s10 found the best seat in the yard.  i was a little jealous.

this evening we have to do one of those just-doesn’t-feel-right things that happens occasionally here in thailand.  we’ve got to get homework done and kids to bed, because tomorrow’s a school day.

10 thoughts on “thanksgiving – year 2

  1. I know I would be sick if I lost my family book. Hope yours turns up fast. When it does, you have to publish your recipe. I love banana pudding!

    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

  2. That book should have special meaning since the Asian family on the cover really fits in in Thailand. Maybe someone saw the photo and thought it was their family book.

    If you don’t find it, I can copy mine and bring or send it to you. Love, Mom

  3. The new Turkey Day family tradition! We spent an hour looking for the cookbook my wife inherited from her grandmother. Found it lying beside the bed almost under it. And don’t talk about really good banana pudding!
    I WILL fly all the way to Thailand! I miss my granny’s banana pudding. Other family members try to make it. We all make positive sounding noises and then glance at each other knowing that we’re not saying that it’s just not possible to make it taste like she did.

    Happy Turkey Day mon! (grin)

  4. Happy Belated Thanksgiving!! Missing you guys here around the holidays… we had a nice break, dale’s family came up on Friday and had a friend over for Thanksgiving. Played cards, watched Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade… no football, which I missed.

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