gender identification issues

i feel the need to reintroduce s’mores.  and do it correctly this time.  i mean i did a pretty good job the first time.  but i missed something, pretty major.  he is a she.

how’d every single member of our family get that wrong?

well, the place michael,s10 and a12 got s’mores from said she was a he and we believed them.  it wasn’t until today – at the school – when another family had their very cute labrador boy puppy – who loved having his tummy rubbed – that i noticed their puppy was different.  at least different from our thought to be a boy puppy.  so i came home, did a quick anatomy check and spent the next 1/2 hour convincing michael, s10 and a12 that he was a she.  s10 was the easiest to sway.  one of the girls in his class had already told him that s’mores was most obviously a she.  so, he was already a bit suspicious.  and i have no idea why he didn’t share that suspicion with the rest of us.

i’m just glad we straightened this situation out before i went in and asked for  him her to be neutered.  because that would make that conversation even more difficult than last time.

c15 wasn’t home for the first round of gender correction, but when i did finally get around to telling c15 that s’mores was a girl, he said, “i was wondering where he got those udders from.”  and that reply makes me feel like it’s perfectly fine for me to out him as the one who thought a bindi was a birthmark.

4 thoughts on “gender identification issues

  1. oh! if she had puppies that would be cute! y don’t you want that? then we would have little shitzu puppies or a mix of shitzu and some random street dog but still! puppies would be cute! and if no one wanted them we could keep them.

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