thanksgiving oh-eight

*today’s post is a bit of a rabbit trail.  i’d planned to do a post about this year’s thanksgiving.  the coming up one, but then discovered i’d neglected last years…

we’re hot on the heels of our second thanksgiving in thailand.  i thought i’d check out how last year went, but when i went back to the posts from november of oh-eight there was no thanksgiving post.  not even a before thanksgiving planning post or an after thanksgiving wrap up post.  it’s like it didn’t happen.  but it did.  i have memories of it.  we spent the day with some friends – and fellow americans – brett and shelly.  and i think it’s imperative that i do the recap now.  almost a year later.

i went early in the day to help with preparations.  preparations included sampling the adult beverages.  at 10 in the morning.  and they also included watching pride and prejudice, the one with keira knightley.  and cooking.  and seeing as how we’re in thailand and not america, our husbands had to work and our kids had to go to school – meaning someone had to pick them up and it probably shouldn’t be the ladies who started sampling the adult beverages at 10 in the morning.

the kids having school meant it was around 4ish when the actual eating happened.  there was turkey and sides and desserts and it was good.  but not the kind of over the top enough to feed a small country set up we used to have in america.  with all our favorites.  made in our favorite ways.  while we did miss all of that, we also didn’t miss it.  what we had was wonderful for where we were.  (i was gonna say are, but then i decided not to – because of the alliteration.)  it was good food and good friends.  and all part of the life we’re experiencing here.  wouldn’t change a thing about it.

tomorrow:  what we’re doing this year.

2 thoughts on “thanksgiving oh-eight

  1. I’m in near constant awe at your adaptability. I don’t think it’s in me to be as content and at peace with such a huge change. I guess that means it’s good that it’s you and not me. 😉

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